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Michael Sachs, Principal Trumpet of The Cleveland Orchestra since 1988, presents The Orchestral Trumpet, a comprehensive book and CD overview of standard orchestral trumpet repertoire. This is a 176 page book covering 90 orchestral works, all with accompanying commentary for each passage detailing practice techniques, performance tips, and historical perspective. Designed to be a complete guide for both preparation and performance of orchestral repertoire, The Orchestral Trumpet also offers essays on relevant topics such as Audition Preparation, Playing Offstage, and Using Different Keyed Instruments. Accompanying this book is a CD containing 67 standard orchestral passages recorded on high-quality, digital audio by the author, Michael Sachs.

Michael Sachs’ volume on orchestral trumpet playing is a model of thoroughness, meticulous study, and artistic expression. His written explanations are the thoughtful result of years of experience as principal trumpet of one of the world’s great orchestras. Michael’s advice and guidance are both real-life practical and musically inspiring, the kind that comes from someone who has definitely “walked the walk.” His attention to detail will help anyone playing these pieces, whether for the first time or the hundredth, and the recorded examples on the included CD are a gift to us all - trumpet performance on the highest level. – Chris Gekker, Professor of Trumpet, The University of Maryland


One of the renowned trumpeters of our generation, Michael Sachs has put into words his own musical and technical approach to some of the great orchestral music in the trumpet literature. While it serves an important purpose as a comprehensive excerpt book, I’m even more drawn to his comments regarding the musical sense of each piece of music and to the accompanying CD. This book is a great learning tool for accomplishing what we all hope to achieve as musicians. I recommend it highly. – Thomas Rolfs , Principal Trumpet, Boston Symphony Orchestra


The Orchestral Trumpet is an indispensable tool for every aspiring orchestral trumpet player. For anyone preparing for an audition, this book and CD are a tool that one cannot NOT own. Michael Sachs is one of the greatest orchestral trumpet players I have ever heard, and his CD of excerpts is 60 minutes of “state of the art” trumpet playing. – Mark Gould, Principal Trumpet, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra (ret.)

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